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  • How To Interview A Virtual Assistant
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    How To Interview A Virtual Assistant?

    Before hiring your first virtual assistant, you might want to interview all of your candidates. Hiring a virtual assistant is like employing someone for your business (whether you’re hiring an independent contractor or an actual employee) so don’t skip the interview process. PSI Select International says that the interview should confirm two things: Whether the candidate can successfully do the job Whether the candidate has the motivation to be a part of your business When you’re hiring someone to handle a portion of your business, doing the job is never enough. Your virtual assistant should be passionate about your business and even feel excited about working with you. You’ll find…

  • Best Questions To Ask A Virtual Assistant During An Interview
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    Best Questions To Ask A Virtual Assistant During An Interview

    Now that you’re ready to hire a virtual assistant, it’s important that you ask them the right questions during the interview process. Below is a list of questions that you can ask your potential virtual assistant. Be sure to include questions that are specific to the tasks that you are hiring for and questions related to your business. Why did you become a virtual assistant? Your virtual assistant is a human being. Asking this question gives you an idea of what your virtual assistant’s experiences are and what they may feel comfortable sharing with you. It may be a red flag if your virtual assistant seems closed off or doesn’t…

  • Background Check For Virtual Assistant
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    Background Check For Virtual Assistant

    Doing a background check for a virtual assistant is a lot different than doing a background check of a potential employee. Paying for a full credit check, criminal records check, etc. is nearly unheard of in the virtual assistance space, especially if they’re not going to be a full-time employee in your business. If you try to get too in-depth with asking a virtual assistant for personal information, the virtual assistant might get scared off. There are lots of job scams out there that pose as “asking for a background check” but are trying to get personal information out of the virtual assistant and eventually rip them off. So when…

  • When Is The Best Time To Hire A Virtual Assistant?
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    When Is The Best Time To Hire A Virtual Assistant?

    It’s ironic that I’d be writing this blog post on the best time to hire a virtual assistant when I’m working with a client who hired me before the business idea fully materialized. That alone should be the answer to the question: The best time to hire a virtual assistant is whenever you want to. Don’t worry; I’ll go more in-depth with this post. There are several ways to gauge whether you’re ready to hire a virtual assistant. When your business starts overflowing Your business might have started as a one-person show. You were able to juggle every hat that your company needed, from bookkeeper to customer support specialist. You…

  • Overcoming The Language Barrier With Overseas Virtual Assistants
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    Overcoming The Language Barrier With Overseas Virtual Assistants

    The language barrier is one of the primary reasons why some people don’t want to hire an overseas virtual assistant. When I asked my client about obstacles regarding the language barrier, he said, “You can’t even tell that they’re overseas, sometimes. They barely have accents, and most can speak English like a native speaker.” See, even as a virtual assistant myself, I didn’t know that my overseas counterparts had such a firm grasp of the English language. Why You Might Not Want to Hire a Local Virtual Assistant If you want to hire an American as a full-time employee, you’d have them on the payroll with a plethora of taxes…

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    Overcoming Bad Experiences With Past Virtual Assistants

    You might be reading this blog and shaking your head. The idea of delegating or hiring a virtual assistant leaves a bad taste in your mouth because you’ve had terrible experiences with virtual assistants in the past. Bad experiences happen. The good news is that not all virtual assistants are the same. Understand why the past lousy experience happened You have to understand why your past experiences failed. Was it the virtual assistant? Was it you? The answer is most likely: a mixture of both. A common problem with delegating to a virtual assistant is that people aim for the cheapest virtual assistant. After all, how difficult can it be…

  • How To Gauge Capability Of A Virtual Assistant
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    How To Gauge Capability Of A Virtual Assistant?

    Not all virtual assistants are created equal. You have virtual assistants who are fantastic with customer support.Virtual assistants who thrive in creating written content.Then virtual assistants who are graphic designers. Some days, you’ll strike gold and get a virtual assistant who is a jack-of-all-trades. The primary focus is ensuring that the virtual assistant is capable of doing the tasks that you have for them. Getting on a Live Call with the Virtual Assistant Deleg8te was created by a client who decided to hop on a call with his virtual assistants first. A live interview is the first step to seeing if a virtual assistant is whom they say they are.…

  • Review of Month 1
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    Review of Month 1

    Now that the blog’s been live for roughly a month, it’s time to do a review of everything that’s led up to this point. While it’s only the first month, we have plenty to go over. For example: How have the virtual assistants been helping? What behind the scenes issues have there been? Let’s review what’s worked. First, the negatives There was an issue between me and the other assistant, Mae. A major communication issue. I noticed that my writing was edited and reworked for the final publication. From my perspective, I take pride in every single word I type onto a document. I format my content in a certain…

  • Why Delegate 100% Of The Business?
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    Why Delegate 100% Of The Business?

    You’ve probably had a business meeting with someone who came at you with ideas that seemed off the wall. They’re either so creative that you can’t wrap your mind around it or they’re looking at something through a perspective that you can’t see. Sometimes, that’s how it feels as I write this blog. Here is a client who wanted his virtual assistants to be the thought leaders and faces behind his budding business. He’ll eventually step into the roles himself, but for now, he wanted the spotlight to be on his assistants. I haven’t met many entrepreneurs who didn’t want to head their own business. This is new to me.…

  • Learning to Trust Virtual Assistants from Day 1
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    Learning to Trust Virtual Assistants from Day 1

    You might feel a rush, through the hiring process. When you start to delegate and outsource, there’s a validating feeling of being a real business owner. It’s exciting, flipping through applications, interviewing potential virtual assistants, and finding the right people to level-up your business. What happens after you hire your first virtual assistants? The first few weeks should be the most difficult. You’re signing contracts, setting up payment plans, delegating your primary tasks, and trying to create a rhythm with your virtual assistant. You learn what to expect from your virtual assistant. You evolve not only as a business owner but also as a leader, as you determine the best…