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Why Delegate 100% Of The Business? - DELEG8TE
Why Delegate 100% Of The Business?
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Why Delegate 100% Of The Business?

You’ve probably had a business meeting with someone who came at you with ideas that seemed off the wall. They’re either so creative that you can’t wrap your mind around it or they’re looking at something through a perspective that you can’t see.

Sometimes, that’s how it feels as I write this blog.

Here is a client who wanted his virtual assistants to be the thought leaders and faces behind his budding business.

He’ll eventually step into the roles himself, but for now, he wanted the spotlight to be on his assistants.

I haven’t met many entrepreneurs who didn’t want to head their own business. This is new to me.

100% Delegation and Outsourcing

100% Delegation and Outsourcing

He explained the idea behind why he wanted to delegate 100% of the workload out to virtual assistants.

To be transparent, he hates writing. The act of writing blog posts is not something that sparks his motivation, and he would spend endless weeks trying to push out one post. As a father of two and a current business owner, he isn’t willing to sacrifice personal or business hours to work on an unmonetized project.

He also thought about hiring a ghostwriter, but it didn’t sit well with him to take credit for someone else’s writing. His plan for this blog is to show others what could be done if they decided to outsource heavy, tedious tasks, from their business. So he hired me to write his content, giving me full credit for my writing, as his website fills up with blog posts.

Every part of this business venture is outsourced, including the words you’re reading on this post.

However, the writing wasn’t the only thing that he needed to get done.

He needed to integrate his blogging platform with Drip, a newsletter provider.

Sure, he could go on Google, watch some YouTube videos, and attempt to do this integration himself, but that could take up to a week. That’s a lot of wasted hours.

Meanwhile, his other assistant, Mae, could set it up in less than an hour.

Boom. Done. Blog posts are written and technical integrations set up. 100% outsourced to virtual assistants.

This blog is devoted to the journey of delegation and outsourcing to virtual assistants.

If he’s going to advise that you delegate and outsource for your own business, you can bet that he’s going to provide social proof that this works.

See him as his own first customer and a guinea pig for all the ideas he has for this blog. He can’t teach outsourcing if he’s only delegating part-time.

The Risks of Delegating 100% of your Business

Every part of a business is risky, from starting the business to hiring independent contractors. The difference is, he’s hired virtual assistants who have stacked skillsets in areas that he struggles with.

Don’t like to write? Delegate it.

Can’t figure out the software? Outsource it.

He doesn’t see a higher risk with virtual assistants, versus doing it himself. For example, if there is a mistake a virtual assistant made, who is to say that he wouldn’t have made the same error himself?

Mistakes happen, but as long as the relationship between the client and the virtual assistant remains honest and genuine, there’s minimal risk involved.

He’s at a point where he’s completely breaking down different parts of this business and trying to figure out if there’s anything else he can outsource.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

The old cliche of working smarter, not harder, can be applied when it comes to outsourcing. We mentioned that he’s a husband, father, and a business owner, so his time is always crunched for hours.

He could stay up every night and work on this business himself. However, he doesn’t want to compromise his quality of life by trying to do everything himself. He instead devotes his time to the company that’s already bringing in money.

His goal with this blog is to show you that you can reduce your workload and the time you spend on your business by delegating.

So far, everything’s been going smoothly. We’ll explore how consistent this method is, as we grow closer to the launch date.

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