• 3 Mandatory Safety Precautions Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant
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    3 Mandatory Safety Precautions Before Hiring A Virtual Assistant

    You’re ready to hire a virtual assistant, but you’re not sure how you can trust a total stranger with your business. You don’t know whether the virtual assistant you pick will be honest, reliable and trustworthy. These terrifying questions are running through your head: What if my virtual assistant steals my strategies or business secrets and sells them? What if my virtual assistant steals money from my accounts? Is my virtual assistant charging me for hours when they’re not working? What if my virtual assistant becomes my future competitor? What if my virtual assistant is trying to poach my clients or using my client list for themselves? You can bet…

  • How Much Should You Pay a Virtual Assistant?
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    How Much Should You Pay A Virtual Assistant?

    Think about the last time you went out to eat or bought a latte from Starbucks. Now imagine that you skipped that meal or coffee and redirected those funds back to investing in your business. That’s the cost of a reliable virtual assistant for your business. A virtual assistant is an investment. You have to decide for yourself whether it’s worth your time to spend 8 hours YouTubing how to edit that webinar masterclass you just presented or whether you should shell out $30 (the price of a dinner, plus tip and taxes) to hire a virtual assistant to make the video professional for you. Then you can take that…

  • Why Start With Content Before Anything Else?
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    Why Start With Content Before Anything Else?

    We’re starting this blog a little backward. We’re not selling anything. There’s barely a website. No logo. No service or product. Also, the idea of a blog might seem somewhat outdated. Why am I doing this again? This was the first question I was going to ask him on our next call. “Why are we creating blog content before we do anything else?” There’s no logo. The website is barely touched. No social media accounts. What’s the point of starting this blog? He credits this wild idea to a podcast called Mixergy. Mixergy is the podcast that taught him golden tidbits about being an entrepreneur. It also opened him up…

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    The Process of Hiring Virtual Assistants

    The person behind this website found me on a freelancer platform called Upwork. You either love or hate Upwork, but I’ve had nothing but good luck on this website. However, Upwork is not the only way to find someone to delegate to. I was curious what led him to Upwork to hire his first team member, rather than other places. We hopped on our second Zoom call. It was straight to business, and I asked him how he ended up choosing Upwork. “Well, I was going to use my own assistant, honestly,” he said. He goes on to explain to me that he had previously used a website called 1,2,3…

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    He Hired A Virtual Assistant Before Even Starting The Business

    I plugged my headset in and waited for the Zoom meeting to start. This was our first official meeting, to talk about the first post that we should put on Deleg8te, and I was excited to hear my client’s story. Within a few seconds, he picked up the other end of the call. Despite being the morning of a Friday, he had a pep to his voice like he had just run a marathon but was ready for ten more miles. The meeting begins. He explains to me that his new venture is based around virtual assistants, though I’m not quite sure what the driving force behind this idea is.…